Waterstones Scarborough

The Task in hand......

This job was a mammoth job and the builders contracted for the works were spot on, in our game its not very often you follow tidy builders!
But our first task was to run a small toolbox talk for the staff working, giving them vital information on dangers that were around and security measures we had to take with working in the town center at unsociable hours, once that was out the way we then got the team prepped of the scope of work this was :-
  • Full clean of all windows.
  • Deep clean to toilets and kitchens.
  • AC units surface cleaned to prevent spiralling dust into the air.
  • All bookshelves vacuumed and dusted down then polished up.
  • Walls, pictures and extinguishers fully dusted down.
  • All natural wood floors hand scrubbed to remove paint, adhesive and filler and proxy floor machine scrubbed finished of with a maintainer.
  • Full hoover throughout. (several times)
  • Then start the full process of the sparkle clean.
Job Description
TheĀ  works was simple, turn Waterstones around ready for a handover Tuesday (10 hours deadline) but it wasn’t that simple, the place was layered in thick fine dust from the wood cutting which took several hours to get under control on hoovering.
To top it off the upstairs had some fire damage which needed to be cleaned.
The team at T&C felt that this task would take all night but the team really pulled it in together and got cracked on hard with the task of completing the job ready for this morning’s handover, I have to say they did an outstanding job!!
One of the builders even mentioned to us that not all super hero’s wear capes but then there is T&C and that we should get this slogan sign writing on our vans I think this may be a good idea after flipping this job out at top standards!
Needless to say the team were exhausted after their nights work, however the property was handed over the following day within our timeline.