Who are we?

Meet us Toni and Chris At Toni's Domestic cleaning services.

In 2018, we decided to start up our own business called Toni’s Domestic Cleaning Services in Scarborough, or TDCS for short. Between us, we have near 20 years’ experience within the cleaning industry. 

Toni’s background was more on the domestic side, being easy going, loving, and outgoing this in addition was perfect for her and her clients. 

Chris’s background is more in the commercial industry dealing with Health and Safety, but also working in management for a local fully established commercial company. He brings many routes of experience into this field.

Our Customers tell us regularly that they value the service that we provide for them. In some cases, the only time some of our clients get a visitor is when we turn up for their regular clean.
However, we found with our customers they were shocked by some practices and perceptions in the cleaning industry. When we looked more closely, some of those things shocked us too. We hear a lot from our customers about being unable to find a reliable local service, which is another reason why we set up the business.

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After the recent pandemic, Chris and Toni decided to pout their knowledge into the holiday let industry, providing high-class standard in the holiday homes while preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Whats our goals

To bring affordable cleaning to the domestic and commercial sector, but also to give our clients a new lease of life. For some of our customers, all they have been use to is a house horded or failing in cleanliness standards. We are there to give that person or company a new start.

Our Core Values

Tonis Domestic Cleaning Services about

Tonis Domestic Cleaning Services About Us