Holiday Let Cleaning.

T&C Cleaning Services ltd, helping you get your holiday home ready for someone's dream holiday.

Enjoy no complaints
T&C Cleaning Services ltd

Our Holiday Homes let cleaning service is bespoke to your properties individual requirements.

We will clean and prepare the property ready for your guest’s arrival, we know know how important it is to make sure that your property is perfect before your guests arrive.

First impressions count and a well-serviced property will encourage re-booking and recommendations.

We offer a range of services offered to deliver a fully co-ordinated Holiday let change over.


Blu Mountain

The Perfect Surrounding

Routine change over cleans

This takes place on the day of departure, preparing the property for the next guests.

Mid booking clean

If you have guests staying for a longer period, we can arrange to clean during their stay and change the linen if required.

Holiday let refresh

When a property has been vacant for some time, we can visit prior to an arrival to check that everything is in order and clean or refresh where required, we are adapted to clean the exterior this includes pressure washing or window cleaning.

Deep cleans

We would suggest a deep clean prior to the beginning of the season to ensure the property is thoroughly cleaned, aired and checked in readiness for the first guests arrival.

Let T&C Cleaning Services ltd take care of all your needs

Let T&C Cleaning Services ltd take care of all of your cleaning requirements we guarantee:-

  • Professional and reliable changeover service
  • Expertise in cleaning holiday homes
  • Enjoy a hassle free solution to holiday let.
  • Excellent working relationships and individual property knowledge
  • Quality assurance systems to maintain the highest of standards and attention to detail
  • Cost effective and competitively priced
  • Flexible one-off or regular changeover service.
  • Guest welcome packs.
  • Hire linen service if required.

How can T&C Cleaning Services protect your home and your guests?

We all have lots of questions when it comes to this pandemic, as awful as it is we worry alot about how it will effect us.

T&C Cleaning Services ltd we know the difficulties within the hospitality sector and what impact this is having on your investment.

To help put your mind at ease here at T&C Cleaning Services ltd all our employees are trained to the same standards that is expected within the NHS and its directors having extensive knowledge within CQC cleaning this is kept enforced.

  • Trained staff meeting the NHS guidance for COVID-19 prevention.
  • Monthly audits to ensure our employees are following the training and guidance.
  • COVID-19 sign of sheets for key areas to be cleaned.
  • Spot swab tests taking in random properties to ensure this is being done.
  • COVID-19 policy, Risk assessment and Standard of procedures in place. 

But the biggest key to COVID-19 prevention is the solutions that are used.
For example, the average over-the-counter disinfectant cleans at a kill log of 3 (99.9%) and comes with a picture saying it kills COVID-19 with some disclaimer stars.

Most commonly this is true, but it’s all based upon a contact time, so a kill log 3 would need around a 15-minute window for it to do its job as intended.
Here at T&C Cleaning Services ltd we use NHS grade & food safe commercial cleaning solutions.
These solutions have a kill log of 5 (99.999%) and only need a 30 second contact time to eliminate any bacteria and pathogens.

But they don’t just kill COVID-19.

  • Influenza virus
  • Rubella virus
  • MRSA
  • C. Difficile
And in the worst-case scenario we also stock and use kill log 6 solutions, which is designed for blood bourne viruses etc.
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