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Our high reach window cleaning service uses 100% pure water to clean your windows and frames, and this is scientifically proven to be the best method of window cleaning as the traditional way using soapy water or clear water can leave your windows with either white spots, or smears and the reason for that is because tap water contains many impurities such as phosphates, calcium, potassium, chloride sodium and nitrates, and these impurities stay on your windows regardless.

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So why pure?

The best way to explain the 100% pure water method; we use ordinary tap water and filter it extensively until all the impurities are removed. We then test a sample of the filtered water to ensure that the correct pure water quality is achieved. The reason for using 100% pure water is that pure water is the best natural chemical for breaking down and removing harmful chemicals and detergent that can leave a sticky residue. This residue feels slimy when touched and it quickly attracts dirt. The main reason why this is a better purpose is chemicals and detergents leave a sticky residue that you can always feel by the hand; this attracts dirt fast; pure water doesn’t.

All about the privacy

Being a water feed pole system this means everything is done from the ground, creating minimal health and safety risks to staff and clients, and also keeping 100% privacy for our domestic clients, as we know with traditional window cleaners, there’s nothing worse that hearing them ladders bang outside your bedroom window first thing in the morning!

"I can see clearly now"